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2023 Translating Claire de Duras’ novellas Ourika, Édouard, and Olivier ou le secret for OUP World Classics; translating Érico Nogueira, ‘A Morte Secreta’ / ‘The Secret Death’, for TORCH, Oxford (see Clutag Pamphlets, )

2022: Translating for Galerie Max Hetzler, 43e Parallèle, consultancy for Anthony Gerbino, work for Neuberger Museum, Holzwarth and Hill Art Foundation.

2021: Translated for Kunsthalle Mannheim, Kunstmuseum Basel, Herzog & De Meuron, TELEMMe, MONA, 43e Parallèle, etc.

2020: Translated Isabelle Tillerot, East Asian Aesthetics and the Space of Painting in Eighteenth-Century Europe (GRI, 2024); Odilon Redon, correspondence and essays, continued.

2019: Working on 'No Farewells': Correspondence Andries Bonger - Odilon Redon 1894-1916, ed. Gamboni and Van Tilburg; completed Étienne, Dioramas; and texts for Art in TheoryThe West in the World (Wiley, 2020).

2018: Completed Lectures on Art: Selected Conférences from the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture 1667–1772 (2020, GRI); working on  Étienne, The Art of the Anthropological Diorama; work for Eric Mouchet gallery.

2017: Completed Gamboni, Museum as Experience (Brepols 2019), began Selected Académie Lectures, ed. Lichtenstein, Michel and Gaehtgens (GRI); Testino, Undressed (Taschen); NGA Singapore/Musée d’Orsay catalogue Colours of Impressionism (NGA Singapore, 2018).

2016: Dario Gamboni, The Museum as Experience; Loyrette, Degas: A New Vision, National Gallery of Victoria, Victoria; Devaulx, Navigational Works and Testino, Sir (both Taschen).

2015: Completed The Birth of the French School (GRI, 2018), translating essays for The Definitive Jacques Tati (Taschen) and for Dallas Museum of Art, BFAS (Geneva), MONA (Tasmania), Getty Museum (archaeology of rock art from Spanish and French), etc.

2014: Translating Christian Michel, The Birth of the French School (Getty Research Institute); translated the catalogue of the Getty exhibition, A Kingdom of Images; Mario Testino (Taschen); finished the complete scenarios of Jacques Tati for The Definitive Jacques Tati (Taschen).

2013: Translated Gamboni, Gauguin at the ‘Mysterious Centre of Thought’ (Reaktion); American Odyssey (Taschen); Gautrand, Doisneau (Taschen); essays for Dallas Museum of Art and Virginia Museum of Fine Art; complete scenarios of Jacques Tati (Taschen); catalogue of the exhibition The Berthouville Treasure (Getty Museum); Uwe Ommer, Teen Families.

2012: Translated Iria Candela, Contraposiciones (Tate Modern); essays on Spanish art and architecture (Getty Research Journal); Maria Ferretti Bocquillon, ‘Seurat, Signac and Post-Impressionism’, NGV, Melbourne; Hubert Martin, ‘Theatre of the World’, MONA, Tasmania; BernabeuSostenibilidad y Eficiencia Energética (SPS); essay by Patrick Chamoiseau for Caribbean Globalizations (OUP, 2015).

2011: Translated introduction to Quatremère Letters (Dominique Poulot) for the Getty; audio-guides of the Petit Palais, Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Musée Jean Moulin/Memorial Leclec et de la Libération de Paris for Antenna. Text for Guiseppe di Liberti for the Getty; texts for Holzwarth Gmbh on Beatriz Milhazes, Kartell, etc. and for MONA (Hobart, Tasmania) on Wim Delvoye; essays for Getty volume on antiquarianism and conservation.

2010: Translated Quatremère de Quincy, Letters to Canova, and revised translation of Letters to Miranda  for the Getty; Pierre Frey, Learning from Vernacular: Towards a New Vernacular Architecture, Actes Sud.

2009: Judge in Weidenfeld-Oxford Translation Prize. Translated Pierre Courthion/Matisse interviews for the Getty. Language-editing for Danish Technical University website. Authored Forms of Transcendence: The Art of Roger Wagner (Piquant).

2008: Judge in Weidenfeld-Oxford Translation Prize. One of two translators of Sébastien Mamerot: Les Passages d’Outremer (Taschen). Language-edited Jacqueline Lichtenstein and translated Christian Michel essays for the Getty. Completed editing of Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2006: The ‘War on Terror’ (Manchester University Press, 2009). Translated texts of Dalí Foundation catalogue for Istanbul restrospective exhibition and Alquimia de los filósofos from Spanish. Organiser for Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2008, Religion and Rights. Language-editing the MSc program of the Danish Technical University.

2007: Completed Lichtenstein, The Blind Spot for the Getty Research Institute and Salvador Dalí: An Illustrated Life (from Spanish) and components of the catalogue of the Louise Bourgeois catalogue for Tate Modern. Judge in the Weidenfeld-Oxford Translation Prize 2007. Editing the Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2006: ‘War on Terror’.

2006: Translated country volumes of Blaeu’s Atlas of 1664 (Taschen); P. Plisson, Children’s Book of the Far North (Lamartinière Jeunesse); F. Masanes, Courbet (Taschen). Judge in the Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize 2006. Translation-edited Diego Rivera, collective authorship, Taschen. Translating Éditions Grasset quarterly rights catalogue. Working on J. Lichtenstein, The Blind Spot, The Getty Research Institute, and Dalí, Tate Modern.

2005: Completed Ommer, Transit (Taschen); translated Christian Boltanski, Art, Religion and Politics, exhibition catalogue (Padiglione d’arte contemporanea, Milan); Troncy, Pierre et Gilles (Taschen); Gautrand, Willy Ronis (Taschen); J-L Cohen, Niemeyer (Taschen); Grasset quarterly rights catalogue. P. Plisson, Children’s Book of the Sahara, Children’s Book of Lighthouses (Lamartinière Jeunesse), translating U. Ommer, Transit (Taschen).

2004: Translated E. Schwarz, G. Steiner and P. Sénéchal, The Legacy of Homer: Four Centuries of Masterworks from the École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, exhibition catalogue for Princeton University and Dahesh Museums, Yale University Press, 2005; introduction and captions to D’Hancarville, Les Antiquités (Taschen).

2003: (Incorporated as Chris Miller Ltd.) Translated G. Néret, Balthus (Taschen); Racinet, Histoire de la Costume (Taschen); G. Néret, Rubens (Taschen).

2002: Translated Choquet, 1000 Game Heroes (Taschen), Gautrand, Doisneau (Taschen), Restellini, ed., Modigliani: L’Ange au visage grave, exhibition catalogue, Palais du Luxembourg (Skira), G. Néret, Manet and Malevich (Taschen).

2001: Translated Daniel Wildenstein, Gauguin. Premier Itinéraire d’un Sauvage. Catalogue de l’oeuvre peint (1873-1888) (Wildenstein/Skira/Seuil), extracts from Maupassant, La Vie Errante, (Leviathan Quarterly, 2, December 2001).

2000: Annotated Stendhal, The Red and the Black (Könemann); texts translation-edited for Taschen on Riefenstahl and Araki; translation-edited Krase, Atget (Taschen); translated Sylvain sur Tahiti (Taschen) and Tzvetan Todorov, 'Right to Intervene or Duty to Resist’ in Human Rights, Human Wrongs (OUP, 2003).

1999: Translated texts for Art in Theory ed. Gaiger (Blackwell); extracts from Assia Djebar, Ces Voix qui m’assiègent, (Stand, New Series, 1, 2, June 1999); Lambert, Caravaggio (Taschen); translation-edited Robin,100 Photos of the Century and (from Italian) Crepax, Bianca (Taschen).

1998: Annotated Voltaire, Candide and Zadig (Könemann); translated Néret: Delacroix; Gautrand, Paris des photographes and parts of Wildenstein Institute, Catalogue Raisonné of Jean Béraud (Taschen), co-translated Monneret, David (Terrail); translation-edited Ferrier, Klee and Boissière, 20th Century Houses (both Terrail).

1997: Translating Flaubert, Mme Bovary for Könemann [2001 liquidation of Könemann]; Annotated Verne, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (Könemann), translation-edited Cabane, Duchamp et Cie, Bougault, Montparnasse and Ferrier, Outsider Art (all Terrail); translated Valéry, French Gardens, Stierlin, Turkey and Hindu India and Barral i Altet, Romanesque (Taschen). 

1996: Translated Wildenstein, Monet, vols. I-III, translation-edited IV (biographical section of catalogue raisonné, Taschen); translation-edited Bruneau, Greek Art, Torelli, The Art of the Etruscans, Barral i Altet, The Roman World, and The Early Middle Ages and Stierlin, The Aztecs (all Taschen).

1995: Edited The Dissident Word (Oxford Amnesty Lectures 1995, Basic Books); translated Viñals ed., The Spanish Economy and the Single Market, (OUP, from Spanish), art-history texts (from Spanish and French) for Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, academic articles for J. Carroy (Paris X) and art-history texts for Gaiger ed., Art in Theory (Blackwell).

1994: translated Néret, Matisse Cut-Outs (Taschen), articles from Spanish for Argentina 1920–1994, exhibition catalogue, The Museum of Modern Art Oxford; language-edited Richter, Tattooing and Body-Piercing (De Vaar) and Gibson, Symbolism (Taschen). 

1993: freelance translation work.


1992: co-ordinator of ABC Network of translators, translated Néret, Rodin (Taschen); co-translated Jean-François Lyotard’s Oxford Amnesty Lecture and language-edited Agnes Heller’s lecture for On Human Rights (Basic Books). 

1991: Translated Oxford Amnesty Lectures of Hélène Cixous (Critical Inquiry, Winter 1993, 19, 2, 201–19) and Julia Kristeva, both Freedom and Interpretation, (Basic Books); translated Lesourne/ Lecompte, L’Après-Communisme (Harwood).

Translation & Editing

The Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture - The Birth of the French School, 1648–179
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