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Chris Miller is a senior translator specialising in fine-arts and literary translation from French. A Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, he has translated more than sixty books.

He has worked for many of the major museums of the world, from Tate Modern, the Getty Museum and the Musée du Luxembourg to Kunstmuseum Basel, MONA (Tasmania), and the National Gallery of Singapore; his translations have been published by the Getty Research Institute, Yale University Press, Skira, Penguin, Holzwarth, Taschen, Blackwell, and Reaktion. 

He has translated works by artists (Matisse), critics (Todorov, Cixous, Kristeva), and scholars (Dario Gamboni, Christian Michel, Jacqueline Lichtenstein, Dominique Poulot), alongside texts historical (Quatremère de Quincy, the Conférences of the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture) and contemporary (Galerie Max Hetzler, BFAS Geneva).

His forte is working in close collaboration with his authors, ensuring that the final text in English exactly reflects the author’s intention, as this emerges from the translation process. 

His translations have covered many different fields of the arts, including sculpture, rock art, architectural history, conceptual art, photography, cinema and painting (from the Old Masters to Impressionism, Modernism and Contemporary). They range in scale from catalogues raisonnés and volumes of art history to press releases, captions and audio guides for gallery and museum exhibitions. He is also an author and critic in his own right.

Chris also translates from Spanish, having worked for the Dalí Theatre-Museum, the Getty Museum, Tate Modern, the artist Manuel Saiz and others.

A native English speaker bilingual with French, he is also a fluent reader of Italian and Portuguese and conversant with Catalan, Latin and Ancient Greek. He read Classics at Merton College, Oxford (1973–77), lived in Paris for four years, and has worked in Copenhagen and Bogotá. Co-founder of the Oxford Amnesty Lectures (1990–2008), a four-year member of the panel of the Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize (2006–09), he is based in Oxford, England.

Chris Miller reading in his study at Oxford. Hamish Pringle 12.04.22 DSCN4002 lr.jpg
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