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Complete list

‘The Egotistical Banal: Philip Larkin’, Agenda, 21, 2, 1983; ‘"Questions qui relèvent d’une metaphysique ‘bête’ ou simple”: A critique of La Chambre Claire’, Oxford Art Journal, 7, 2, 1985; Interview with Miroslav Holub, Verse, 1, 2, 1985; Interview with Ian and Jarmila Milner, Verse, 6, 2, 1989; Interview with Ryszard Kapucscinski, Edinburgh Review, 85, 1990; ‘"The Essentials First”: Allen Curnow as Post-Modernist’, Verse, 8, 2, 1991; ‘Doing Marteau Justice’, PN Review, 86, 1992; ‘Geoffrey Hill: Era and Antiphon’, Agenda, 30, 1-2, 1992 (reprinted in The Critical Review [Australia] 37, 1997); ‘"Visions of History, Histories of Self", Talking with Robert Marteau, Edinburgh Review, 89, 1993; ‘Miron Białoszewski’s A Memoir of the Polish Uprising’, PN Review, 91, 1993; ‘Roger Wagner: The Orient Corn’, Ashmolean Museum, 1994; ‘Seeing and Believing: Roger Wagner, Oxford Today, Hilary 1994; Interview with Piotr Sommer, Verse, 11, 1, 1994; ‘Continental and Insular Poets: Essay on Anglophone African Poetry’, Verse, 11, 2, 1994; ‘Ashbery: “What’s Keeping Us Here?”‘, PN Review, 99, 1994; The Dissident Word, Basic Books, New York, 1996 (edited and introduced); ‘Allen Curnow as Postmodern Metaphysical’, PN Review, 105, 1995; ‘Entretien avec Robert Marteau’ [French version of ER, 89, 1993], in Pour Saluer Robert Marteau, ed. R Millet, Champ Vallon, 1996; ‘The Pope and the Canon: Eliot, Johnson, Davie and the Movement’, PN Review, 116, 1997; ‘Diamants Élus: The Romantic Agony and the Politics of The Waste Land’, PN Review, 124, 1998 (reprinted in Cengage, Poetry Criticism, vol. 90); ‘"Forever Changes”: CK Stead’, Poetry Review, 88, 2, 1998; ‘”There is no bloodless myth will hold”: Theme and Intertext in Trees, Effigies, Moving Objects’, PN Review, 129, 1999; ‘Galassi’s Montale’, Stand, New Series, I, 3, 1999; Review of Jószef, etc: ‘The Caretaker’s Hands’, Stand, NS, II, 3, Sept 2000 ; Review of Allen Curnow: The Bells of Saint Babel’s: ‘Welcome to the 21st Century’, Leviathan Quarterly, 1, Sept 2001; ‘The Essential Metaphor’, review of Trakl, Vesaas, Capan, etc, LQ, 3, Mar 2002; ‘Job as Methuselah’, review of Czesław Miłosz: New and Collected Poems, LQ 5, Sept 2002; ‘Labyrinths of Empire’, review of Aridjis, Terán, Lorca, etc., LQ 7, Mar 2003; ‘On Not Writing the East European Poem’, review of Lipska, Kányádi, etc., PN Review, 157, 2004; ‘Imaginary Poets’, review of Haugová, Baka, etc., PN Review, 161, 2005; ‘The Mandelstam Syndrome and the “Old Bang”‘, PN Review, 162, 2005; Choosing Who One Is, interview with the poet Patrick McGuinness and review of A Fine Line: New Poetry from Eastern and Central Europe, both PN Review, 163, 2005; review of Paul Auster, Collected Poems, in The Warwick Review, vol. 1, no. 2, June 2007; review of Goffette, Loynaz, Kolleritsch, WR, II.1;  review of C.K. Stead, WR, II. 2; book Forms of Transcendence: The Painting of Roger Wagner (Piquant Press, 2009); review of Geoffrey Hill’s Collected Critical Writings, The WR, II.4; Obituary of Bruno Tolentino, PN Review 180; review of translations of Tolaretxipi and Rodríguez Nuñez, WR, III. 1; review of translations of Saba and Rodríguez, WR, III. 2; reviews of Leslie Norris, The Complete Poems, and Zbigniew Herbert, Collected Poems, tr. Alissa Valles and WR, III. 3; review of translations of Mendiola, Fischerová and Elenkova, WR  IV. 1; review of Charles Tomlinson, New Collected Poems, WR IV.2; ‘Mysticism in a Foreign Language: Bruno Tolentino’s Le Vrai Le Vain’, PN 197; review of Muldoon and Finlayson, WR IV.3; short story, ‘School of Rodin’, WR IV.4; ‘“What the Dead Keep”: Bruno Tolentino, Brazilian Modernism and the Arrière-Garde’, PN 198; Review of Geoffrey Hill, Clavics, WR V. 3; review of Jaccottet and Jourdain, WR V.4; ‘Interview with Yves Bonnefoy’, PN 204 (first published in Portuguese in Dicta&Contradicta, 07, also in Spanish in Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos, 745/746); ‘Death and the Mnemonic Muse’, PN 205; verse translation of Érico Nogueira’s Deu Branco from the Portuguese, PN 206; review of Vincent O’Sullivan, WR VI.1; review of Taylor’s Dupin translation, WR VI.3; review of Geoffrey Hill, Clavics, WR V.3; on Romer’s Bonnefoy, PN 208; ‘Ways of Being a Poet: Chris Mann’, in PN 209; on Persian, Arabic and Francophone African poetry, WR VI.4; on Mark Thompson’s biography of Danilo Kiš, PN 214; on Geoffrey Hill, Odi Barbare, WR VII.1, on Simon Pringle’s Das Booty, PN 215; on Tadeusz Różewicz, Mother Departs, WR VII.3; review of André du Bouchet translations, PN 224; on Ewa Lipska’s Sefer, WR VII.4; on translations of Dubnov, Keskin and Mazirov, WR VIII.1; translation, interview, essay (Érico Nogueira), WR VIII.2; on translations of Jean Portante, Fabio Pusterla, Valérie Rouzeau and Pedro Serrano, WR VIII.3. Review of The Poems of Basil Bunting, PN 231. ‘Bruno and the Bonfidèlien: i.m. Yves Bonnefoy’, PN 232; review of Benjamin Fondane translations, PN 236; ‘On Alvin Feinman’s Preambles’, PN 245; review of biography and collected poems of Allen Curnow, PN 247; Essay on Tolentino’s ‘O Espectro’, Organismo 4 (Brazil), 2019;  ‘Allen Curnow: The Life of the Poems’, Journal of Post-Colonial Writing, 56:2, 2020; review of Romer’s translation of Bonnefoy, PN 258; review of Lucy Alford, Forms of Poetic Attention, PN 262; review of Jamie McKendrick, The Foreign Connection, PN 263; Translation of Érico Nogueira, The Secret Death, Clutag, 2022; Constructing Pavlovic, PN 272.

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